About Me

Vijay is a well-known Palmist (Astrologer) with global repute from Pune, India. His dedication and passion have earned him international accolade and fan following. People from all walks of life including several celebrities dote on him to plan their life.

He has played very good cricket in his school and college days. He used to be the captain of the team in inter-school and inter-collegiate matches. He still continues his hobby of oil painting. He has done some very good portraits including his spiritual Guru Kalawatidevi from Belgaum, many landscape paintings and mythological paintings.

He started palmistry as his career in 1973. Pune has been his permanent workplace. He has travelled twice to U.S.A. He has a large number of clients there. He has also travelled to Taiwan, Japan, Hongkong for his work. He has consulted more than 70,000 people till date. He has clients from complete cross sections of society: from poor housemaids to politicians and from actors to cricketers, doctors all across the globe.

He enjoys talking to them and sharing their problems, joys and sorrows. He acts like a consultant, a guide, a counselor and sometimes like a family friend. Many people look at him as a person who can give them strong emotional and mental support. They trust him for his guidance at the time of making decisions at crucial points in their lives. His Profession’s biggest ASSET is client Confidentiality.

He has recently written and launched a book called “VEDH ADHNYATACHA” in which he has mentioned some of his experiences of his interactions with his clients, and how it made a positive impact and brought a remarkable change in their lives. The book also covers technical aspects of palm reading at a beginner level.

He is also gifted with Intuition. He has cultivated and developed that gift with the help of meditation, prayers and study. For him, Palmistry + Intuition = Accurate Results. This has been the equation always. Some of the famous people to whom he has given consultation are actors like Raj Kapoor, Sunil Dutt, Dilip Kumar, Rakhee, Saira Bano, Zarina Wahab, Music Directors like O.P.Nayyar, C Ramchandra, Lyricists like Anand Bakshi, Mangesh Padgaonkar and great singer Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and many others. His list of clients also includes Industrialists, sportsperson and also scientists.

Many people have been benefited in their business with his guidance. He loves giving career guidance to people. That really gives him more satisfaction. He can tap the talent of the students at the right time and show them the best way to become successful in life.

His inspiration has been his mother Late Mrs. Ushadevi Ramchandran Patwardhan and his spiritual Guru Late Kalawatidevi. His guru blessed him and advised him to do palmistry as his career all his life.

He did garment export business for 15 years. He was a fashion designer at that time. But later on, he decided to focus only on Palmistry, because he loves palmistry from the bottom of his heart.

He is a man of principles. He believes he is serving the society in a big way by giving support and solving their problems. He is a very sincere person who does his job like a ritual. For him his client is God!