Raj Kapoor - The greatest showman of Indian Cinema

When I met him in Pune University Boys hostel, he was making a film on teenagers love story i.e. Bobby. It was evening time. His team was arranging the set on the boys hostel and Raj Kapoor was sitting under a tree on a bench. I asked his permission to see his palm and he agreed immediately.

At that point of life, he was totally disappointed because of the failure of his two successive films Kal Aaj aur kal and Mera Naam Joker. I told him that the film he is making "Bobby" would bring him all the good luck and the best period will start again. But in his personal life, he will lose his parents in a very short duration. Eventually it came true.

O.P.Nayyar - A brilliant music composer

When I met Late Mr. O.P. Nayyar in his studio in Mumbai, it was morning time. When I entered the room he welcomed me with great joy. He had a strong and open voice and his personality was magnetic.

He ordered a special dish from Hotel Taj for our breakfast. Then I started reading his palm. I told him that he was a good teacher in early days from North India. His mount of Jupiter was good. He came to Mumbai to try his luck in film Industry as a music composer. He never learned classical music. He was really original and was a rebellion person. He had a kind of fire in his personality.

I told him that he had great success in the past. In the middle of his life medium success . But I predicted that in the third section of his life he would keep himself aloof from the film music and prefer a loner's life, away from the glamour and family.

Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi

I am very fortunate to meet Pandit Bhimsen Joshi at his residence. Since I know both his sons Jayant and Shriniwas they came to my office and requested me to read their mother’s palm. She was unwell at that time. I went with them at their residence and read Mrs. Vatsalabai’s palm. She was really the backbone of their family and a very talented artist.

After her appointment, I met Panditji. He asked me my name and from where I was. I told him that my father was from Jamkhindi. Previously it was a ‘State’( sansthan). Panditji was delighted to hear this and started talking with me in Kannada. I smiled and said I don't understand Kannada. I have spent all my life in Pune.

He was very curious to know a few things about his future. He opened his palm. His palm was square with long fingers. He had brilliant headline and very good lines of life and fate. I predicted that "he will receive the highest award in the country". He was very happy. Then I told him a few personal things. The fact was, for seven years –from 2002 to 2008- the Government had stopped giving Padma awards and Bharat Ratna award to anyone. But I assured him that his hand is unique and life is long. So he will definitely receive that award. The award was declared on 4/11/2008 and he received it in the next year.

Kapil Dev - Ex Captain of Indian Cricket Team

Kapil Dev is the most respectable cricketer in Indian cricket team. Under his captaincy, India won the World Cup for the first time in 1983.

I could meet him at Poona Club when he was working as the coach of the Indian team. During that time many Indian cricketers were suspected for Match Fixing. While talking with him, I asked his permission to show me his palm. He happily agreed.

His hand was square, broad with very few basic lines; but good mounts. I told him - "He is going through a very rough period, but he should not worry about the charge on him. He would definitely come out of it without any scratch". I could see great relief on his face; which was proved right later on.

Raja Gosavi - Great Stage and Cinema actor in Marathi

Raja Gosavi is known as the greatest comedian and a good actor on Marathi screen and stage. When he took my appointment, I was very much delighted.

His way of communication was very pleasant and his smile very innocent. At that time, there was a bad patch in his career. I told him - "You focus on stage and automatically you will get more work in cinema."

His palm was rectangular with long fingers. His headline was proportionately drooping. Mounts of Venus and Moon were strong. He was a born gifted actor; very natural and spontaneous. He worked on stage till the last breath of his life.

Anand Bakshi - Well known Poet and Lyricist in Hindi Film Industry.

I could get the appointment of Late Mr. Anand Bakshi a very known lyricist in Hindi film Industry through my friend Dr S V Gokhale. We went to Anand Bakshiji’s residence. He had a leg injury. His leg was in plaster. He was in a relaxed mood.

I observed his palms. Indeed he was a selfmade person. He had a very pleasing and good personality, curly hair, fair complexion and a very kind heart.

I told him from the texture of his hand and lines of heart and fate that he had a career in Army for some time and then his fate took a turn. He came to Mumbai to join Film Industry as a poet.

His mounts of Venus and Moon were showing that he had a very sensitive and imaginative mind set. He also had a very good Sun line which shows why he became so successful in his field. He had command over language. He always used very simple words in his poetry which was appreciated.

Neeraj Bajaj - Chairman Mukund Iron and Steel

Neeraj Bajaj is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is the son of Ramkrishna Bajaj, the great Industrialist. I met Neeraj when he was in Pune working with Bajaj Auto. The best thing I liked about him is that he is very polite, intelligent and kind hearted. He is not only a very successful Industrialist, but a very good sportsman also. He was the captain of Indian Table Tennis Team for many years. He is a warm person and a good friend.

I read his palm. I told him that he will be very successful throughout his life and handle huge business.