No more wasted hours of cyclical thinking without conclusion. Vijay is spot on! Accurate!! Restores calm with amazing clarity and foresight. Simple to understand do's and not to do's. Be it a disastrous personal situation, relationship crisis, debt, partner, health or any other issue- what you need is the clarity to face it and endure it. That's what Vijay calmly helps you with proper understanding of what is to follow. With focus on purity, spirituality and simple life; it can be achieved with one brief meeting with Vijay. Highly recommended for those in stress and apart from praying it is the next best thing one should do without delay!
Dr. Makarand Jawadekar, U.S.A.

I do believe that Vijay is an ultimate expert in reading human dimensions by merely looking at a person, focusing on person's palms and getting the vibrations from the mere presence. He can do magic with his cheerful smile, his warm personality and his positive attitude towards looking at the future. He has the swift ability to do the following with a touch of magic:
  • Detailed personality characteristics
  • Quick answers to your questions
  • Astrological Remedies to your questions, in order to lessen its ill effects, which can help alleviate those tense moments.
  • Your professional career
  • You and your family's health
  • Your potential investments
  • Your past- your present- your future: where your destiny is taking you.
  • Forewarnings about dangers
  • Insight into Love Interests and mutually matching interests
  • Vijay surely has the 'Midas touch' which can change your attitude, your destiny and your life for better! I feel lucky to have Vijay as my close friend, confidant and a spiritual advisor.
Ramu Ramachandran

I met Vijay with my wife Indira in May 1992. That meeting was remarkable and amazing. He started to relate all immediately preceding events and told me the reason of our visit. For the next 15-20 minutes he talked about the cause of all the stress and tension in my life and how long the period would last. I was not just amazed; I was literally floored.

In 1995 Vijay told Indira that he is able to see her living in an apartment close to the sea and driving a Mercedes Benz car. Indira laughed at his words because the apartment we lived in Mumbai was miles away from the sea and what we were driving was a Maruti car. But surprisingly, shortly thereafter my company offered me accommodation at Worli Sea Face in a high rise building. In 1997 as predicted by Vijay, Indira and I moved to the U.S. where we got nice jobs, beautiful house and now we have a Mercedez plus a BMW. We are really fortunate to have Vijay as our well wisher and counselor - our very own Nostradamus!!
Dr.Paul Brown (Barossa Valley, SA Australia)

Both me and my wife were very fortunate to have been recommended to see Mr. Patwardhan. We did not have any idea or expectation about the consultation. At the end of the consultation we were both extremely impressed and grateful for the depth of knowledge offered, the amazing accuracy of past life events and the moulding of themes eg. Health, finance, career, spirituality etc now and in the future. We were also impressed by the fact that no history taking was conducted and Mr Patwardhan commenced his very profound reading without any questioning, a sure sign of someone with very great skill. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.
Mr. Anwar Hashmi - Real estate consultant

I went to Vijay Patwardhan with my mother in August 1984 as my father had gone missing after leaving for work and had not returned. We had no clue about his whereabouts or his wellbeing. My mother was completely shattered. But when she came out after her session, she was brimming with joy. Patwardhan sir had predicted that my dad would be found by 27th march 1985 He said that my dad had lost his memory…he will recover.

My father was found at Dargah Khwaja Saheb at Ajmer on 27th march 1985. That was the beginning of our relation I went to him when I had decided to go abroad to join a friend's business after my graduation. Patwardhan sir said I had no career abroad. As destiny would have it I had problems with my work permit and could not join my friend. His prediction of me being into consultancy and being into real estate as a realtor, came true. His predictions of my marriage were dead accurate. Recently I took my son to him for advice on career couselling. This is our third generation that went to him for advice and guidance and we are fortunate to have met Patwardhan sir who is truly gifted. I used to look at Palmistry as a fun initially; but Vijay Patwardhan's place in my life is very different.
Martina Molsbergen-Tamaro USA, Chemical Engineer

I had no expectations upon meeting Vijay Patwardhan in Pune in Jan1995. At first Vijay would say very general thing, but accurate such as "You have a technical background such as engineering and you have two children". Then unlocking of my past, present and future in vivid detail commenced. It was as if Vijay had crawled inside my head and planted a monitor to all my thoughts.

The most amazing thing he said to me that moved me to tears was when I showed him a tiny picture of my 5 yr old son's face. Vijay looked at it and said, "Don't worry about your son's legs mom. They will be fine". My son was born with a deformity and that was hard to spot unless looking very closely at him. No one knew except my husband and I. 4yrs later my son underwent a serious operation to fix the problem. Vijay's words helped us to get through the ordeal.

Vijay shared with me how my career would advance in a certain direction and the changes at particular intervals. He also helped me take major personal decisions. I have continued to talk with Vijay from time to time over the past 16 years and always it is as if he can see what is going on in my life even though I am half way around the globe.
Aparna Badakundari - Software Engineer

I am a software engineer working with a multinational company. I was having a lot of work pressure and mental stress. I used to have headache sometimes. So in this context regarding my career I wanted advice from Mr.Patwardhan. He told me that you will have long life and you don't leave this job. He repeatedly said so. I was surprised why he is telling me this. I never asked him about my life. I was under the impression that I am very healthy.

After a few days during general check up it was found that I had brain tumor. Doctor advised me to go for an operation immediately. I remembered Patwardhan sir's words while entering the Operation Theatre. I was very calm and stable mentally. His words gave me enormous strength that nothing bad will happen. After my operation my recovery was unbelievable. I started walking the next day and soon started my routine. The doctors were surprised as I did not require any kind of physiotherapy. I am thankful to Mr. Patwardhan for giving me courage, and so much of positive energy and assurance of my long life.
Vishwanath Navandar - Tax Consultant

After my matriculation I came to Pune in search of my future. I came from a poor family and village background. I had no support from anyone and there was complete darkness in my life. A friend of mine suggested Patwardhan sir's name. I met him on the road near his office introduced myself and we started walking. He looked at me and told me three important things
1. You have lost your parents love at a very early age. That is the reason you have come to Pune in search of your future.
2. You will complete commerce and law education and do accounting practice all your life.
3. You will be supported and benefited by a widow.
I was shocked to hear this. After we reached his office he gave me the complete chart of my life. Today I can say everything he told me came true. I am very happy person and doing my own Tax Consultancy practice successfully in Pune.
Padmashree Dr. D Y Patil - Educationist and Governor of Tripura

Man is always in the quest of knowing the future. He lives in the past and present and dreams about the future. Vijay knows the future. His analysis and guidance can give right direction for one's future. Optimistic approach and right action makes a human being happy and contented. The guidance given by Vijay is vital to make the mankind happy by reaching out to the unknown secrets of the future. He is a perfect guide for the society. The study of future is a science; and Vijay has proved it perfectly.
Dr. Deepak Shikarpur - IT Evangelist

Every individual has curiosity to know about the future. A person saying I don't want to know in the future is a liar. Vijay Patwardhan is not only excellent palmist, but a combination of counselor, spiritual guide and an astrologer. No wonder he has earned global fan following due to his sheer handwork and commitment to the cause of astrology. I have been interacting him on several occasions and consult him during tricky situations in personal and professional life. I wish him all the best for his first Book and his future career.
Bhooshan Gokhale - Former Vice Chief of the Air Staff

Being a fighter pilot I am mentally very strong; as it is the need of this profession. Hence I was not very much inclined towards consultation for my future.

My entire outlook changed after I met Vijay. His predictions regarding my marriage, my children as well as my various postings abroad have been most accurate. His prediction of me going to U.S. came true within 24 hours which was made during our morning walk. Another prediction of we settling down for some period next to the most famous river in the world was so accurate that our house was on the bank of Nyle river.

He has been the source of mental strength to many.